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Does InstaSculpting Help Cellulite?

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Will InstaSculpting help fix my cellulite? Many women ask if InstaSculpting is a reliable treatment for problematic cellulite. The good news is that InstaSculpting works for cellulite and promotes collagen production at the same time. Your skin can benefit from a smoother appearance and motivate better collagen production to keep it off.

Cellulite Treatments with InstaSculpting

InstaSculpting uses ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening to help treat cellulite. The cavitation causes the fat cells under the skin to break open painlessly. This happens when sound waves create microscopic bubbles that vibrate and pierce the fat’s cellular wall. Once the fat cell breaks open the fat is naturally removed from your body by your lymphatic system. Radio frequency skin tightening helps your skin use its natural ability to pull itself tight, further reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Is InstaSculpting Better than Lipo Laser?

In a clinical peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology researchers discovered that darker skin types did not respond as well to laser lipo than lighter skin types. InstaSculpting for treating cellulite is equally effective for all skin types. “In contrast to laser and intense pulsed light systems that are limited in use in patients with dark skin, RF energies are “color blind” and can be used for patients of all skin types.¹ This appeals to consumers, but also business owners who want to offer services to everyone.

How Long Until I Will See Results?

Results from InstaSculpting are visible after the first treatment! Most providers of InstaSculpting offer a guaranteed measurable reduction in fat or cellulite on the very first visit. This is the immediate benefit, but the most lasting and amazing results are after 90 days and five to six treatments. This gives your body’s natural filtering process time to remove all liquefied fat and build a stronger collagen network. Compared to other weight loss methods this is quite affordable. Exercise boot camps and fad dieting may help for awhile, but they cannot treat cellulite or help you produce more collagen.

By Mike Bakke

Founded on facts: for peer-reviewed articles, scholarly journals, and articles cited above please see the below sources.


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