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Why Choose InstaSculpting over other brands?

By August 28, 2020 September 2nd, 2020 No Comments

Why choose instaSculpting for your business?Purchasing a body slimming machine is a big decision. As a business owner you are already concerned about your budget, but you also want to provide the best products for your customers. InstaSculpting covers both bases. Pricing options for the machine allow you to finance it for as low as $458 per month or purchase it outright. With single treatments averaging over $250 each your payment will be easily met.

Choose InstaSculpting for Safety

Liability is a business owner’s number one concern. If a customer is injured the entire business may be at risk. Unfortunately there are many cavitation and slimming machines on the market from unreliable manufacturers. While their machine may work just fine, what if something breaks or malfunctions? Is there an international warranty? Will you be able to contact them? Can they ship a replacement part overnight? InstaSculpting is based in the mecca of beauty: Southern California. With InstaSculpting you will be able to contact an American customer service team any day of the week. Should an employee break any component of the machine (or if it stops working) we can ship a replacement overnight to keep you in business.

Choose American

Buying equipment for your business brings excitement and anxiety. If you are in the business of health and beauty then your customers are already discerning. Choosing an American company that offers a comprehensive support system is different than simply buying a machine. InstaSculpting is not simply a machine: it is a system to help you generate a profit. We provide all of our customers the following:

  • American customer support staff located in Newport Beach, California.
  • Website development and support.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Expert training on InstaSculpting and how to sell packages
  • Marketing help and setup
  • Professional social media photographs, videos, and posters
  • 100% Financing

Unlike companies that have foreign customer service you will be able to begin the journey with us the moment you order the machine. You can begin advertising it on your website and social media using our professional photographs, videos, and even GIF’s with your business name added in.

Choose Quality

Finally, a simple search on eBay reveals over a thousand “cavitation devices” from handheld systems to counter-top machines. But these devices are buyer-beware: you get what you pay for. It is also common to see the exact same device sold by different sellers. Despite what the vendor claims these are all mass produced in India, China, or Pakistan. Travel-size devices are the most popular; however, they simply cannot produce the results of a professional studio-grade machine. Many of them are not true cavitation machines at all. But don’t buy a knock off that will only work for a season and produce poor results.

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