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What Type of Cavitation Machine Should I Buy?

By October 21, 2020 January 7th, 2021 No Comments

Spa owners often ask what type of cavitation machine should they buy to their business. There are many types of cavitation machines but there are also some machines that are not as good as others. InstaSculpting provides a quality machine that offers seven different modalities and customer support based out of California. Before you buy a cavitation machine ask yourself these questions so you don’t end up disappointed.

Does This Cavitation Machine Have a Good Track Record?

A quick internet search will reveal that there are about fifty cavitation machines you could buy for a business. The prices range from $200 to $80,000. What are the main differences? The main difference in appearance is that some machines rest on a counter top and others are taller and rest on wheels. Counter top machines are often cheaper; however, they are also less powerful. These devices may look affordable but there is a reason you won’t see them in a medical spa: they produce poor results. Regular cavitation machines, such as InstaSculpting, are larger and easier to move around. These are often more preferred by physicians and estheticians because the cavitation is stronger, more effective, and patients notice results the same day.

What If It Breaks? Is There A Warranty?

Buyer beware: many machines do not have a warranty, or they have a warranty from another country. Even if your machine has an extended warranty if the supplier is in China then you will have to wait for weeks to receive a replacement component or a new machine. InstaSculpting is located in Newport Beach, California, and all servicing and repairs are performed there. Should you have any issues (which are rare) your American service department is only a phone call away.

Is Training Available?

When choosing what type of cavitation machine you should buy it is important to receive expert training. Does the company offer a training manual and video? Does the company have licensed estheticians available for answering questions? Insurance companies will want to know if there is a certification process. Counter top machines rarely offer any of these things. InstaSculpting offers all of them as part of the purchase and more. When you are thinking about buying a cavitation machine make sure you won’t just be ignored after it arrives. Choose a company that provides not just the machine, but also the services that compliment it to help your business.

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