“What a pleasure it is to be confident about wearing sexier clothes again. My husband has been inspired to take me shopping, and we both are very happy with my new look. It works, it really works.”

– Gloria

“What a great staff, I feel so wonderful about my figure now. I love all the attention and compliments I have been getting from my fiancee. I had been starving myself with different diets to no avail, now I feel and look great.”

– Priscilla

“I had been dieting for my wedding and no matter how hard I tried I just could not lose the fat that had accumulated under my arms. InstaSculpting came to my rescue, what a beautiful change.”

– Stacy

“It was so frustrating to find nice clothes, only to find they wouldn’t fit right, because of my arms. My results from InstaSculpting treatments were simply amazing. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate their staff’s dedication to making sure I was happy.”

– Connie

“Thank you so much for my beautiful new figure, I love the attention my boyfriend lavishes on me.”

– Denise

“My Husband and I have both been delighted with the results from this procedure. I have finally been able to get rid of the fat that accumulated after my two pregnancies. Thank you InstaSculpting!”

– Shannon

“I was so excited to have a flat tummy again, after years of diet and exercise failed to help me achieve my goals”

— Debra

“I used to dread going to pool parties or the beach, now I can’t wait to show off my beautiful new figure in a bikini. I love InstaSculpting, they work so hard to make sure you are pleased with the results. My boyfriend tells everyone I’m a swimsuit model, it’s wonderful.”

– Cassandra

Pockets of fat and stubborn cellulite had really started to bother me and no amount of dieting and exercise helped. The cavitation therapy by InstaSculpting was the perfect answer. I recommend it to everyone.”

– Cynthia

“I lost over two and a half inches in my waist size, and now I can wear the same size jeans I did in college. Everyone I know has noticed the difference, it’s fantastic!”

– Daniel

“I have dieted and exercised religiously and could never see my ab muscles. I am extremely happy with the results I achieved with InstaSculpting. Now I get compliments all the time.”

– Chris

“The change in my physique has been nothing short of miraculous, my wife loves it, and I feel great. Thank you so very much.”

– Jorge

Amazing!!! I went for my first treatment last night and I have already lost 2.5"!
My technician was amazing and I am convinced that this will help me rid of
my 8-year old baby fat.

– Qiana R.

Excellent customer service.
Staff is super friendly, they are not pushy trying to sale their services.
I saw results immediately. I recommend to everyone who is thinking I trying this method to do it. Give if a chance and you will see results right away.

– Maria T.

Fantastic! Incredible! I would give this place 6 stars if I could!
It is painless, relaxing, clean, professional - everyone there is AMAZING
- they make you feel so comfortable. And it works too!
I lost 11/2 inches off my stomach area which has been such a problem area for me! I will be back!

– Joyce W.

This is simply miraculous,
I lost 2 1/2 inches on my waist on the very first visit, my husband was astonished.
Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed to get in shape!

– Cynthia S.

My girl friend's and I had scheduled a trip to Hawaii and I was desperate to get into
swimsuit shape before we went, so I tried Instasculpting.
I couldn't believe what an incredible transformation it gave me, I mean immediate results!
All my friends were so amazed and jealous, I had to tell them my secret...

– Judy M.

My husband and I were amazed with the results!
I had spent thousands of dollars on other treatments that never produced
these kind's of results. And it was totally painless. My husband was so impressed
that he tried a treatment and immediately lost one inch in his waist!

– Candice J.

I went in yesterday for my first cavitation appt. and Gabby was absolutely wonderful. I have noticed some change I am looking forward to see more progress.

- Cheri O.

I went here on a whim and was very surprised with how well the staff treated me. When I called, the lady that answered the phone was very knowledgable and patient with my 100 questions. When I received my treatment everyone was very accommodating and made me feel like family. The results were amazing. Highly recommended!!!

- Paul N.

Must experience this amazing concept. Loose inches while being treated with experience and friendly staff in this beautifully decorated relaxing rooms. I am very happy with my results.

- Mona R.

Ultra lift I did twice really, I saw a big difference! My face became firmer and younger. My fine lines disappear and you leave the office with your face glowing and very very smooth.

- Allia M.

This place is ah-mazing!! The results are truly impressive and surprising!! Christine is absolutely wonderful!!

- Gina G.

Since my last post, my husband and I continue going to treatments. We really see a difference. We have only been working on our abdomen area but as long as you drink plenty of water, watch your calories and do cardio after a treatment and on a regular basis, you will see results. Love the staff here!

-Nancy B.

This is the best cosmetic treatments, the staff was the best. Their Customer Service are the best!! Marie she is the most professional and knowledge, friendly. The results are very positive! I highly recommend this clinic 10 stars.

- L.

This place is amazing, Ellie helped me get a great deal on packages and Marie is such a joy to be around. The treatments were customized to my needs and it was not just run of the mill high pressure sales. Treatments were amazing!

- Jackie 0.