Top Holidays You Should Plan For in Your 2022 Marketing Calendar

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2022 Marketing Calendar

Sales and marketing are mostly about creativity. You have to implement strategies that give you a cutting edge over your competitors. This includes creating marketing campaigns around various holidays and celebrations.  

2022 is almost here, and this is the best time to start creating your calendar if you don’t have one yet. This article will highlight the top holidays you should start creating campaigns for. 

2022 Marketing Calendar: Key Holidays You Should Start Planning For

One of the main mistakes marketers make is waiting until the last minute to plan for holidays. Their campaigns then end up being disorganized and ultimately ineffective. So here are the top holidays you should be on the lookout for. 

New Years Day

How you start your year highly determines how it ends. Your New Years’ campaigns could help you set the pace for the rest of the marketing year. Think of it as a trendsetter of sorts. Some of the campaigns you could use to jumpstart your year include;

  • Email marketing with exciting offers.
  • Launching new products that your client have been looking forward to
  • Social media contests.
  • Create content that focuses on self-care.

Ensure all your promotions are personalized. Studies show that over 80% of clients are more likely to purchase from brands that offer them tailored experiences.1 

Valentines Day

February is the month of love! And is there any better way of showing your customers how much they mean to you than with valentine’s day offers? The best part about valentines offers is that they can last for an entire month because February is short. 

Some of the marketing strategies you should consider include;

  • 2 for 1 special.
  • Couple discounts.
  • Offers for single people.

Go as wild as your budget allows you!

Religious Holidays

There are several religious holidays that you should start planning for, including;

  • Easter
  • Diwali
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas
  • Eid Ul Fitr

Planning for these holidays displays your diversity and inclusivity. This then communicates to your customers that you also care about their beliefs, making them more loyal. A recent survey also highlighted that over 60% of customers will take action on an ad if they feel it’s inclusive.2

Mothers Day/ Fathers Day

Marketing to millennials is often difficult, but these holidays can help you reach out to them. This demographic enjoys gifting, and you can promote vouchers during these holidays. For instance, if you run a salon and spa, you can sell discounted gift cards for mothers. 


This is one of the holidays that bring people together to celebrate and be grateful for their wins. Some of the marketing strategies you could implement include;

  • Sharing your brand story and the wins you’re proud of so far.
  • Creating a contest where people share what they’re thankful for.
  • Offering exclusive discounts to your loyal customers to thank them.

The possibilities are endless.

Is Your 2022 Marketing Calendar Ready?

2020 and 2021 have been the years of recovery for the business world. It’s, however, expected that 2022 will be all about growth. Make sure you start your year on a high note by creating a calendar around the major holidays. You should also look out for holidays that are specific to your business. 

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