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Top 5 InstaSculpting Business Growth Tips

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Now that you have started your InstaSculpting business the next logical step should be to focus on business growth.

Competition among body sculpting start-ups can be difficult. So you need to find ways of beating your competition in order to achieve success.

How can you successfully grow your InstaSculpting business? Here are 5 growth hacking steps you can take.

How to Boost Your InstaSculpting Business in 5 Steps

Step 1 – Focus on Your Service

The quality of your services is what sells the InstaSculpting experience to your clients, so set yourself apart from your competition by having a superior service to theirs.

If you have little or no budget to effectively market your services, the existing customer base should be your main marketing tool.

By treating them well and offering exemplary service the customers are likely to become repeat clients and may advertise your product to their friends.

Remember, it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.1

Retain your current customers by offering them above-expectation services.

Step 2 – Expand Service Range and Cross-Sell

Offering a variety of services increases your revenue streams and offers your customers better value.

Expand your product range to increase your market share since customers like having a variety of choices.

Product expansion can mean offering more instaSculpting services or offering other related services to your customers. 

Step 3 – Increase Marketing Activities to Non-Customers

If you have increased cash flow from your existing customer base, you can expand to reach other people in your area of operation.

Start by adopting cheaper forms of advertising such as the use of social media and printing pamphlets, and slowly expand as you build the business.

Increase your equipment inventory, and the number of employees to sufficiently handle your increased business, always making sure that you offer the best service you can. 

Step 4 – Look to Expand More Locations

After you successfully implement a working strategy in your first location, you can look for other locations to open more branches. 

Your first branch will give you plenty of experience. So it should be easier to expand to other locations after that.

Just make sure you implement the strategies that worked and don’t repeat previous mistakes in the new locations.

Another good point is that once you operate a successful cavitation business, it’s easier to finance additional InstaSculpting machines.

Build slowly, making sure that each location is self-sustaining before opening a new branch.

Opening new locations can give you an opportunity to promote employees by delegating more branch duties to them.

Step 5 – Build Your Brand

Create an association between your business and your clients by solidifying your brand.

75% of consumers will continue to use a brand they trust, even when another brand becomes hot and trendy, so building your brand is the only way to guarantee consumer loyalty.

How Can You Grow Your Instasculpting Business?

Growing your InstaSculpting business may seem like a lot of work from the start, but with a well thought out plan, it can be easy and fun.

The steps above can help you grow your small start-up slowly to eventually becoming a major industry player.

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