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Top 3 Facebook Community Groups for Body Sculpting Businesses

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Body sculpting Facebook groups

Whereas running a Facebook page for your business boosts your online presence, it limits audience engagement1. In turn, poor customer engagement lowers conversions. This is where Facebook community groups come in. They allow your audience to post and interact with your brand freely.

The best part about Facebook groups is the ability to engage the right audience, learn from one another, get crucial updates, and boost organic engagement. Ready to build a Facebook community group for your instasculpting business? These top 3 body sculpting Facebook groups will inspire you.

Engage Your Audience Through these Body Sculpting Facebook Groups 

Unlike Facebook pages, you do not need to pay for ads to reach your audience. Similarly, you can reach a specific audience as opposed to Pages that may reach uninterested people. As a matter of fact, 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups monthly2. The above Facebook groups will help you reap those benefits.

Body Contouring Business Professionals

Created Alter Ego body Studios in 2017, this private Facebook group has grown to 1.6k members. In this group, members can share new trends, access training modules, and learn about body sculpting machines.

In general, the group is more about learning and interacting with other industry professionals. Therefore, selling or soliciting in the group is prohibited unless approved by the admins. Similarly, self-promotion, sharing links, and spam are not allowed.

You can join the group via your personal account or your business page. You will need to answer two questions before getting approved. First, let the admins know if you own or work in a body contouring business. Secondly, state what you expect to gain from the group.

Cosmetic Recovery/ Post Op care & Body Contouring Group

Created in 2021, this public group has 1.4k members. The primary goal of the group is to help those in need of post-op care, body contouring, and lymphatic drainage massage. Therefore, both businesses and those in need of the services can join.

No spam or promotions are allowed. If you wish to advertise your business, you will need admin approval and pay a fee of $25 per month. 

Body Contouring

This public group has 1k members and everybody is free to join. In the group, members can share slimming-based knowledge and introduce their machines. Better yet, you can access consultation from the group admin. In turn, the manager will give you insights based on your local market. 

The group is also great for starters who want to learn body contouring. Here, you can access training or offer training to interested learners at a fee.

Grow Your Instasculpting Business Using the Above Facebook Community Groups

The best way to engage your audience and increase their chances of conversion is through Facebook groups. You can create your community today or join the above groups and be part of the existing instasculpting business communities. 

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