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The Relationship Between InstaSculpting and Fat Loss

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Excess fat is often a challenge for people who can’t find success through exercises. Find out how InstaSculpting helps people with fat loss…

Because weight loss through exercise is an elusive goal for many, people use other methods to reduce body fat.

But there’s one caveat. A lot of people have body types that do not respond to only exercise and a healthy diet.

This is where advanced technologies like ultrasonic cavitation come in. In short, our InstaSculpting fat-burning machine uses ultra-fast sonic waves to burn your unwanted fat.

In the earlier days, doctors used surgical procedures like liposuction to remove excess fat. Nowadays, non-surgical procedures like InstaSculpting work similarly, if not better.

Let’s dive a little deeper and find out how the InstaSculpting machine helps you with fat loss…

How Instasculpting Relates to Fat Loss and How It Can Lead to Eventual Weight Loss

About Body Fat

Body fat consists of white cells that are found under the skin and around body organs. The work of body fat is to store excess energy and utilizes it later when the need arises. Areas like the belly, thighs, and upper arms, are parts of the body that are more prone to store excess fat.

For a healthy non-athletic male, body fat percentage should range between 14 and 24% and 21-31% for females.1

Fat levels higher than the recommended percentage increase in the change of illnesses and diseases 

InstaSculpting Through Ultrasonic Cavitation

With InstaSculpting, ultrasonic cavitation targets body fat and works by reducing fat cells in a body’s targeted area. Ultrasound waves are used to break down fat cells, effectively removing them from the dermal layers.2

The process does not destroy the skin on the tissue around it as the ultrasound waves penetrate below the skin and directly to the fat cells. You can have noticeable results after only one visit, making it a popular method for people who want to reduce body fat fast and achieve more sculpted shapes.

It is a painless cosmetic procedure with instant results, and the customers suffer no downtime at all.

It Is Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

While fat reduction only targets fat cells and can be done in targeted areas, weight loss, on the other hand, is the general reduction of body mass index (BMI). You cannot possibly lose weight on a single part without affecting the other parts of the body. 

With InstaSculpting, the procedure reduces the fat on your arms, back, waist, and thighs separately, depending on where you have excess fat. Notably, it eliminates the broken down fat permanently, making it easy to maintain a healthy fat level in the body.  

The Relationship Between InstaSculpting and Fat Reduction

InstaSculpting is a cosmetic procedure that complements a healthy lifestyle and diet. When you have stubborn fat issues, it instantly changes your physical appearance and gives you more confidence in how you look. 

However, it will take more effort to maintain the appearance. InstaSculpting is only a way to help you shape up; maintaining the achieved sculpted shape will take a good diet and regular exercise. 

But because of the confidence brought by your new look, maintaining a healthy weight becomes more manageable and achievable.

If your issue is stubborn fat, there is only one way to get rid of it, and that is, InstaSculpting.

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