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My First instaSculpting and how it changed my life: Jenny H.

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instaSculpting for arms

My first instaSculpting session was exciting! I had recently turned 41 and my arms were starting to feel flabby. I have always been active and played sports my entire life, from high-school to a college scholarship and even professionally around the world. But the older I became the more I was unhappy with my upper arms. I wasn’t ready for any major surgeries, and my gym time wasn’t helping either, so I was ready. InstaSculpting seemed easier and pain free.

My First Treatment of instaSculpting

The treatment itself was super easy. The esthetician took a picture of each arm held straight out and then explained the procedure to me. It was pretty simple: I just laid down on the table and the esthetician began wanding my upper arms. The machine was silent with only a slight buzzing that I could feel in my ear (it didn’t hurt!). Each arm took only about 15 minutes. The esthetician switched applicators and explained that the first was the cavitation and the second was for skin tightening. Once I was done she took “after” pictures and my jaw totally dropped. I could totally see the difference and I was immediately hooked. I signed up for a package deal that day.

My instaSculpting Journey

All in all I had a total of ten treatments. I saw immediate and long lasting differences on every area I treated. I did my arms, belly, backfat, and thighs. It literally felt like I was dreaming when I saw the before and after photos. At first I was worried about the price, but in the long run the money I spent was worth it. I would have easily spent that much on a dieting program, or a personal trainer. And I really don’t think I would have seen the same or even better results. InstaSculpting gave me immediate and lasting results.

My Life Now

Overall InstaSculpting was the perfect thing for me. I knew I needed to change my diet and work out more (and I did). But instaSculpting gave me that added push to

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