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Marketing InstaSculpting: Earned and Paid Media

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What is the difference between earned and paid media for marketing instaSculpting?  While there are many approaches to marketing there are two types that are peculiar to marketing instaSculpting.

What type of media are you developing?

Marketing InstaSculpting and Small Businesses

Starting a small business consumes everything: your time, your energy, and your money.  But marketing is often placed last on the priority list.  What not to do: don’t cut corners or hire your teenage nephew to “do your marketing.”  This always fails.  When starting your business plan it is imperative that you include money in your budget for marketing.  This will fall into two categories: paid and owned media.

Paid Media

Marketing instaSculpting with paid media is paying someone to create advertisements, flyers, social media ads, etc.  This is both the easiest and the most expensive: simply write a check and let someone else do the work.  Make sure to hire someone who actually does this for a living at an actual agency.  Many people claim to be “social media experts” or marketers, but if they are not doing it full time it is more likely than not that it is a hobby for them.  Paid media is powerful because it can be focused to exactly you want it: by ZIP code, by city, by county, and even by age.  But there can be a frustration in paid media if you do not see the results that you want.  It often takes over 90 days to see a new stream of customers.

Owned Media

Marketing for instaSculpting includes owned media, and as a customer of ours this is already available!  Owned media is media assets such as photos, videos, and flyers that you already own and can use at will.  When you purchase an instaSculpting machine you will have access to our exclusive media database that includes:

  • Professional photos of the machine 
  • Professional photos and video of the treatments
  • Social media posts created for you to customize
  • Flyers and posters for your location

InstaSculpting provides each customer with professional images so that you will stand out from your competition.  Many boutique spas and weight loss clinics cut corners and simply use cell-phone pictures.  We regularly provide you access to our photo shoot materials that you can use as your own and even customize for your business.  Make sure to keep all of your owned media and any materials you develop always accessible.  You never know when a picture you took years ago might be the perfect picture for your next post or advertisement.

Earned Media

Earned media is the result of marketing effectively and the most valuable of all forms of media.  This is powerful for instaSculpting because it qualifies as a free endorsement of your services.  The easiest way to catch more earned media exposure is to make it simple for people to share their experience without incentives.

  • Paint a mural on the wall that makes people want to take pictures
    • Angel wing backgrounds
    • Neon sign-style crowns or lettering
    • Black light effects
  • Create a excellent website that is updated often
  • Write blogs regularly – syndication sites will repost your content if it is worthy of reading
  • Attend industry trade shows – it still works and you meet the seasoned veterans who will hopefully speak up for you when asked

Your business will grow steadily if you set aside time to develop marketing materials. It is not easy, but an hour or two each week will quickly build up into a substantial amount of marketing. If you need any guidance or materials contact us directly.

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