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InstaSculpting for Abs: How I got my six-pack back!

By August 27, 2020 September 1st, 2020 No Comments
Cavitation Machine
Male abdomen before and after photo showing InstaSculpting improvement.
Before and after six InstaSculpting treatments

I heard about using instaSculpting for six-pack abs from a coworker. I had a pretty good set of abs in my 20’s and early 30’s, but after I turned 35 I noticed that my cuts were not as noticeable. Now at 38 I have almost nothing visible! The muscle is there, but it is just under too much of a fat layer. It doesn’t matter what I do: 1,000 sit-ups per day, crunches, leg lifts, heck I’ve done it all. I am strong, but my six-pack is still hiding under there. I needed a fat burning machine.

InstaSculpting for Abs was Perfect with No Down Time

I did not want to take a bunch of pills or powders, and surgery seemed too intense. A coworker recommended instaSculpting after she lost an inch-and-a-half after her first treatment on her belly. I had researched body slimming machines and fat burning machines but they didn’t seem legit. I had nothing to really lose so I made an appointment.

What It Was Like

The lady on the phone explained to me that if I signed all of the forms online I could have my instaSculpting for abs performed in under and hour. I scheduled it for my lunch hour and before I knew it I was laying on the table. She put a gel on my stomach while explaining the three-part procedure. The first part was cavitation. Then she used the bipolar vacuum attachment and finished with the radio frequency skin tightening handle. Everything was totally painless, and even relaxing. Once I was done she measured my waist and I had lost over one inch! I signed up for six more treatments and did them once a week at lunch. After seven treatments my abs from my 20’s were back!

This was different from cryolipolysis (coolsculpting) machines. I had studied fat freezing and there are some problems where people can get “butter stick” areas on their body. This happens when the freezing doesn’t kill the fat cells but just makes them a solid mass. I didn’t want that, and it is a painful procedure that leaves red marks on the body. InstaSculpting was quick, painless, and I saw my results the same day. Worth it.

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