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How to Profit From Ultrasonics in Your Regular Salon and Spa

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Salon and Spa Profitability

Integrating complementary services into your business should be part of your salon and spa growth strategy. Customers value convenience and will likely remain loyal to you if your business is a one-stop shop for all their needs. 

The business environment is highly dynamic, and you need regular, consistent sales to thrive. Introducing ultrasonics into your business will enhance your salon and spa profitability. 

How to Enhance Your Salon and Spa Profitability by Integrating Ultrasonics

More than 500,000 businesses opened in 2020.1 The sad truth is that few of them will make it to the growth stage. How can adding ultrasonics as part of your growth strategy ensure you’re not just another statistic?

It Increases Your Customer Reach

There are customers that only require ultrasonic services. If they visit your salon and you don’t offer these services, you will lose them to your competitors. 

By adding an ultrasonic machine, you’ll be opening your business to a whole new audience. These are probably people that have never heard of your business but require ultrasonic services. The best part about this spa strategy is that once you acquire new clients, you can easily cross-sell your services to them. 

It Gives You a Cutting Edge Over Your Competitors

According to a business report, 83% of customers say convenience is now an integral part of their buying process compared to 5 years ago.2

Think of a scenario where a customer wants instasculpting services. As part of their research, they bump into 2 businesses. The first one only offers instaSculpting, while the other one has a variety of complimentary services. Where do you think they’ll go?

The second salon!

By integrating ultrasonics in your regular salon, you’ll be giving them access to more services, which will enhance their convenience. 

It Enhances Customer Retention Rates

Customer retention is highly dependent on how satisfied customers are with your services. Your instasculpting services may be top-notch, but every time your customers have to search for related services in another salon, you risk losing them

Adding ultrasonics to your services will keep your customers loyal, especially those that prefer both complimentary services. It will also boost your salon’s profitability by adding an extra revenue stream.

Integrate Ultrasonics to Enhance Your Salon and Spa Profitability

The beauty of adding ultrasonics into your regular salon and spa is that it enhances your profitability without incurring a lot of expenses. Think about it: you already have a physical location and an established customer base. This means that you won’t spend much on marketing as you can start by promoting the new service to your existing customers.

Integrating ultrasonics into your spa also exposes you to an untapped market, ultimately increasing your customer reach.  

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