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How Can I Finance An InstaSculpting Machine?

By November 3, 2020 No Comments

People often ask how they can finance an InstaSculpting machine. This is a common question because quality beauty equipment can be expensive. But if you cannot afford to purchase the machine with cash you can still finance it for less than you think. These methods below can help you to balance your budget while making money with instaSculpting.

In House Financing an instaSculpting Machine

InstaSculpting can offer no-interest financing with a $3000 down payment. Once you receive your machine you will pay instaSculpting $2000 per month for 11 payments. If you charge $200 per session you will begin making a solid profit after only ten sessions. For example, Cryo Recovery Lounge features instaSculpting and nets an average of $12,000 per month.

Bank Financing an instaSculpting Machine

InstaSculpting has partnered with lenders that will finance your instaSculpting machine. If approved you will make payments of $539.00 for a period of 60 months. Since instaSculpting sessions typically cost around $200 dollars you will be making a profit after your third session. However, if you sell a package of sessions your monthly payment will already be covered.

Is Financing an instaSculpting Machine Smart?

Many business owners choose to use financing so they can buy more machines. A single instaSculpting machine costs $25,000 which is a significant investment. But having the ability to finance two instaSculpting machines is possible, and with bank financing you could finance both and only pay $1,078 per month while offering instaSculpting at two locations. This is a smart move for a small business owner who wants to take over the market in their area.

Should I Buy a Cheaper Machine?

As with any industry-leading product there are occasional copycat machines. These often look a lot like instaSculpting machines, but beware of imitations. Moreover, companies like this are often challenged in court and forced to cease and desist their activities. While their machines may be significantly more affordable there are two dangers every business owner should know:

  • If the copycat business goes out of business then you cannot rely on their warranty or customer service to help you. You will not be able to service the machine.
  • If the copycat machine harms someone then the media fallout may harm your business.
  • If the company does not have a USA based brick-and-mortar location then you may not be able to recover any damages, even in court.

Overall your business is valuable and took a lot of effort to start and maintain. Don’t let a copycat machine or a slick salesman convince you to purchase anything but a quality cavitation machine.