Getting a Manager for Your Instasculpting Business: A Hiring Criteria Checklist

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hiring criteria checklist

Hiring a manager for your instaSculpting business is a very delicate process. They run the day-to-day operations of your company and are key decision-makers. Hiring the right manager can spark growth, ensuring you remain profitable for a long time. Making the wrong hire ultimately results in business failure.

Not all small instaSculpting businesses need a manager. But if you are unavailable to fully supervise your business hiring for the position may be necessary.

A Hiring Criteria Checklist for Getting A Competent Manager

Here are the things you should consider before hiring a manager for your instasculpting business;

Can You Hire from Within the Business?

Before you start looking externally, you should look for suitable candidates among your employees. It takes about three months to effectively onboard a new employee.1 By hiring internally, you can avoid the downturn in revenue caused by the assimilation process.

Promoting an employee from within also helps improve workplace motivation. This enhances productivity resulting in high profitability.

The employee you hire for this position should meet the requirements for an effective manager.

Soft Skills Are Essential

Not everything can be learned from school. Hiring a manager that lacks soft skills can be disastrous. They won’t be able to lead effectively.

Leadership qualities should be your top consideration for the position. Other essential skills include communication, delegation, and goal-setting abilities.

You should, however, not completely ignore the hard skills. The manager also has to have a complete understanding of the instaSculpting business.

Utilize Your Networks

More than 80% of job positions are filled through networking for a good reason.2 The best person to manage your business can be working for a competitor or a related business. If you are not seeking to hire immediately, you can start looking for a candidate through your networks.

Industry functions and seminars are some of the places that you can meet the perfect candidate.

Diversify Your Hiring

Don’t hire a manager that is exactly like you. This may seem like a great choice at first as they’re likely to make similar decisions to yours. However, this may stunt the growth of the business.

Hiring a manager that has a different personality gives you someone to bounce ideas off of. This will provide you with a more significant chance for growth by exploiting other ideas.

What Should You Have in Your Hiring Criteria Checklist?

Hiring a manager is the most important personnel decision you can make for your instasculpting business. Filling this position well can lead to increased growth of the business. The manager also affects employee’s productivity.

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