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Buying a New Fat Freezing Machine? Consider these factors first.

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buying a fat burning machine

Body sculpting and buying a new and fat freezing machine are gaining popularity, and for good reason: the procedure is non-invasive, has minimal side effects, and has no downtime.1

Check out these factors if you’re looking to buy a fat freezing machine.

What to Consider When Buying a Fat Freezing Machine 


Providing cryolipolysis services offers increased value to your business. However, you should make sure that your fat freezing machine can bring a nice return on your investment.

Identify all the costs involved, including the cost of purchase, installation, and equipment maintenance, against how much you expect to earn. 

You should also perform a market survey in your local area to ensure you’ll have enough traffic. But make sure the competition is not stiff and you can get enough market share to be profitable.

Business Fit

If you are adding a fat freezing machine to an existing business, do you have enough additional space? Are there any local codes, other legal barriers, or payments that would impact the facility’s setting in your area? 

Before investing in the equipment, it is important to ensure you perform a business fit survey to ensure that the setting up of the business will not have any negative impact on your existing business. 


Get a fat-burning machine that is relatively easy to install. Our InstaSculpting installation is as easy as a fat freezing machine installation. It comes with instructions that make installation straightforward and easy to follow.

The ease of installation impacts the ability to move the machine from location to location or from station to station if you need to. This helps greatly if you are managing multiple locations.


The frequency, time, and costs of maintaining a cryolipolysis center and a fat freezing machine are important considerations when making a purchase.  Frequent maintenance not only adds to the overall cost of your overhead, but also the machine downtime ultimately affects your revenue generation capacity.

Find out if the fat freezing machine comes with maintenance. Does the manufacturer have a repair crew near your business? This will heavily cut down the costs and the time taken for repairs. You should also make sure that spare parts can be locally sourced. 


The safety of your clients should be of utmost priority. When getting a fat freezing machine put emphasis on the safety standards of the manufacturer. You must ensure the machines are safe for use. You should also make sure that you and your staff are adequately trained to use the machine and perform the procedure on your clients.

An unsafe machine might lead to injuries to your clients which might be a customer relation nightmare.

Tips for Buying a Fat Freezing Machine

You should take extra caution when buying a fat freezing machine. Find out how much it costs, how easy it is to install, how much you will incur in maintenance cost, and most importantly if it is safe for use. 

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