Facility Development – Preparing a Business for a Body Sculpting Machine

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facility development preparing a business for a body sculpting machine cavitation machine instasculpting

Fitting a body sculpting machine in your already settled business requires some level of facility development which can be a challenge.

There are so many factors to consider, including where to place it and how to decorate the room. 

Here are four facility development design projects you can consider.

The good news is that you can do these before the body sculpting machine is even delivered.

How to Prepare Your Facility for a Body Sculpting Machine

Set Aside the Workspace

The area you set for the body sculpting machine depends on a couple of things. First, the type of machine that you buy is important. Second, the amount of extra space you have in your facilities. 

If you are already running a separate business like a spa or a gym in the facility, set aside enough space to give your employees sufficient room to operate in when conducting the procedure and give the clients privacy. 

While the equipment does not necessarily need a lot of space, it is important for the room not to look cluttered and congested. 

Decorate Appropriately

Set your customer’s mood by creating a relaxing tone in the room using decorations.1

The overall theme of the ultrasonic body sculpting rooms should be peace and relaxation, so you should try and make your clients as comfortable as possible when they are undergoing the procedure.

The room’s lighting should be adjustable to ensure that you can brighten or darken the room, depending on the client’s preference.

First, choose a calming color for the walls and furniture around the workstation. Colors have the ability to influence the mood of the client, affecting how they perceive the procedure.

Then, consider adding some natural elements like flowers and plants to give an earthly relaxing look.

Design an Easy to Use Organizational System

The calming decorations and design are essential, but so is the organizational plan of the workspace.

You don’t want the practitioner reaching over the client for the ultrasound jelly or need a towel mid-service and have to go to the next room to get it. So arrange the workspace in such a way that it is always clean and tidy but also convenient and easy to use for your service employees.

Also, have shelves and cabinets for storing the equipment and supplies for use in the procedure within reach.

Finally, make sure that any clutter or disorganization is not openly visible. For example, make sure the dustbin and dirty towel disposal are hidden from the customer’s line of sight.

Design Auxiliary Rooms

The reception should give a welcoming and professional feel.

Ensure you have magazines and books on body sculpting for the clients to go through as they wait for their appointments.

For example, you can have pamphlets and brochures available for walk-in clients interested in the service.

Remember that an employee spends most of their day at work, so having a bad working environment will influence their ability to be productive.2

Also, a rest area and break room will keep your employees comfortable in between appointments.

Lack of these vital areas can be demotivating for the employees, leading to poor work quality and lower customer satisfaction. 

InstaSculpting Facility Development

Before the machines and equipment are delivered to your business you should get started with preparing your facility.

Implement the above tips to get your facility ready for a body sculpting machine.

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