Email Marketing Tactics for Growing InstaSculpting Business

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Email Marketing

As an instasculpting business owner, you need to identify the marketing strategies to invest in. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s alive now, more than ever. 

It’s easy to focus on social media advertising, but neglecting email marketing would be a costly mistake. This is because emails are like the holy grail of communication. A recent survey revealed that over 70% of marketers believe email marketing generates excellent returns.1

4 Email Marketing Tips for Instasculpting Business Growth

If you’re new at email marketing or aren’t getting the expected results are 4 effective strategies. 

Offer Your Customers Exclusive Discounts

This is one of the best ways to get your customer’s attention. Studies show that around 88% of shoppers in the US used coupon codes.2 Thus, this should tell you just how much people value good deals. 

When you offer your clients exclusive discounts on email, they feel special and valued. This is especially so when the discounts are centered around their favorite services. 

Personalization Is Key

How well do you know your clients? Personalization is a vital element of customer retention. Thus, adding their name to the subject line isn’t enough; you have to customize your services for them. 

Tailor your emails to the interest and needs of your customers so that they are relevant to them. For instance, if customer A only comes in for ultrasonic cavitation, send them emails about this service. 

If you send your clients emails on services they aren’t interested in, they’ll simply block you. 

Segment Your Email Lists

One of the reasons that your open rate and click-through rate are so low is the lack of segmentation. You have different types of customers; why are you grouping them as one?

Create several email lists based on your customer’s geographic location, interests, and preferred services. This is the only way you’ll be able to send them exclusive discounts and tailor your messaging.

Keep the Content Interesting

If you always send promotional content, your unsubscription rate will be high. Try and vary the content so that your customer feels as though you’re sending them valuable content. 

Some of the email content you should consider include:

  • Information on your current and new services.
  • Helpful tips regarding your services.
  • Invitations to attend webinars. 
  • Newsletters

Limit your promotional content to offers and discounts. 

Enhance Your Instasculpting Business Growth Using Email Marketing

Email marketing has a high ROI and enhances your customer retention rate. Therefore, you just have to do it right, and your business will grow. Avoid sending your customers the same kind of content every time. Also, personalize the emails and give them exclusive offers that make them feel valued. 

Finally, don’t forget to limit the number of emails you send out to about 2 times a month so that you don’t get spammed. 

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