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Can I Provide InstaSculpting for a Small Group?

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How can a business owner provide instaSculpting for a small group? While most sessions of instaSculpting are in a private setting it is possible to increase your business with small groups. Many women already are familiar with botox or lift parties. Providing instaSculpting demonstrations would be no different and it would help introduce your business to many women at the same time.

How to Provide InstaSculpting for a Small Group

Most instaSculpting sessions require an hour of time. But it is possible to provide instaSculpting for a small group by performing a non-invasive facial using only a single modality, such as RF skin tightening. This type of facial can be done in 15 minutes on a single person. In a two hour session 8 people can experience a mini RF facial and experience instaSculpting firsthand. This also allows you plenty of time with each person to explain how instaSculpting can help melt away fat, smooth cellulite, and erase crows feet.

Offer Gift Sessions for Bridal Groups

Bridal groups can schedule mini-RF facials and receive discounts for your other services. You can advertise for this with Groupon or wedding planners. Wedding planners often promote connections with day spas for facials, manicures, or massages. You can provide instaSculpting for a small group easily and bridesmaids can schedule their own mini-RF facial at their own convenience. This provides you with an opportunity to upsell every bridesmaid that arrives.

Can I Offer InstaSculpting In Someone’s Home?

While it is possible to move an instaSculpting machine we do not recommend it. Our machine is well built, but lifting it in and out of a car can cause stress on the sensitive equipment, handles, and acrylic top. Furthermore your business license and liability insurance may not cover you. Check with your insurance carrier if you are operating in a location other than your business. But it would be technically possible to provide instaSculpting treatments for a small group on a mobile basis. Call us and we can discuss the logistics and insurance requirements.

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