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5 Tips to Successfully Integrate InstaSculpting to Your Wellness Center

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InstaSculpting for wellness business

InstaSculpting is quickly gaining popularity in the beauty industry. If you’re looking to add it to your wellness center, here are 5 tips for successful integration.

Synergistic expansion is one of the trending growth expansion strategies. It involves leveraging our existing infrastructure and integrating a new business to an existing one.1

Are you thinking of integrating InstaSculpting to your wellness center?

How to Successfully Integrate InstaSculpting With a Wellness Center

Know Your Ideal Customers

Treat the customers you already have in your wellness center as your potential customers. 

Before integrating InstaSculpting to your wellness center, evaluate your existing clientele to find out if they are enough to sustain the new business. It is easier to market to your existing customers as they already identify with your business and your brand than it is to get new ones.

Manage Your Costs

The added advantage of integrating InstaSculping into an existing business is that you incur reduced costs than you would if you were starting it as a stand-alone business. 

Manage your costs by finding unused space within your wellness center and train your existing staff on how to operate the instaSculpting machine. This way you won’t have to hire additional staff or incur more rent.

Find a Competitive Edge

Integrating a fat freezing machine, like instaSculpting, into your wellness center is a competitive edge on itself especially if your competitors aren’t doing it. However, if you’re offering the same services they are, you need to come up with a unique selling point.

But why should customers come to your wellness center? Also why should they choose your services? This could be anything from discounted rates, bundling up of complementary services, or a loyalty program. 

Market the Two Services Together 

Come up with packages and discounts incorporating the two businesses so that clients coming in for one service can experience the other.  

Marketing the two together also decreases the overall spend in advertising and marketing and helps build your business’ profile. Your clients get to see the added value that comes from having the two services.

Rethink the Business

Integrating InstaSculpting into your wellness center may change it in a number of ways, and this makes the rethinking of the business-critical. It’s not a good idea to change a lot about the business, since you could end up chasing away the existing clients.

Before you purchase anything get answers to questions like: Are your current business premises able to accommodate the two businesses? Is the location of your business ideal to attract clients for both businesses? Do the government regulations in your current place of business allow you to integrate the instaSculpting business? 

This will help you only make the necessary changes that don’t effect the business negatively.

InstaSculpting for Wellness Businesses

The beauty of integrating instaSculpting into your wellness is that your costs are considerably reduced, and you already have an existing customer base. Additionally you only have to ensure that the integration is seamless and that it doesn’t affect the other business negatively.

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