4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Motivate Your Salon Staff

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One of the main challenges faced by salon owners is high staff turnover. Worse still is having demotivated workers who will keep offering mediocre services. In turn, your salon will experience an endless loss of clients.

The University of California found that motivated employees were 31% more productive and thrice as creative than demotivated employees1.  Clearly, staff motivation is crucial to boosting the productivity and sales of your salon. Wondering how to motivate your salon workers?

Read on for staff motivation tips to help you retain your salon staff and improve their productivity.

Staff Motivation Tips to Retain Your Staff and Improve Their Efficiency

Offering cash has always been the all-time motivator for workers. However, amidst high competition and running costs, it can be difficult to spare some cash for motivation purposes. Worry no more, here are plenty of other ways that will reignite the spark and passion in your staff.

1. Acknowledge Your Employees 

Although a simple gesture, acknowledgment goes a long way in motivating your workers. It makes them feel appreciated and valued and in turn, gets them to keep doing a good job. Start by setting realistic goals for your salon.

When your team hits these goals, appreciate them with something extra. The appreciation can be commission-based or in the form of other rewards like a free facial for instance. There is no rule for this, choose what you can afford and do it consistently.

2. Involve Your Staff in Decision Making

Decisions are important in the day-to-day running of your salon and will directly influence your staff’s morale. Subsequently, you need to involve them in decision-making. This not only makes them feel valued but also makes them more receptive to changes.

Therefore, if you are planning to make some changes such as introducing an addon service, allow them to come up with the ideas. After all, they are the ones who will be implementing the ideas. You could go a step further and reward them for the good ideas suggested.

3. Invest in the training and empowerment of your salon workers

Self-growth is an intrinsic form of motivation. Everybody wants to grow in their career and attain a sense of accomplishment. In fact, 68% of employees are willing to train in their workplace2. Training your staff will advance their skills thus enabling them to charge more, thus translating to more income for your salon. 

You can organize an in-house or off-site training. Whichever you choose, ensure your employees sharpen their skills and stay on top of the industry’s trends. 

4. Encourage Healthy Competition

Working together as a team is excellent for your salon but so is healthy competition. Help your team members to work harder by setting specific objectives with their respective rewards for whoever meets the set target.

Remember to encourage your team to take the competition lightly to ensure the team spirit is maintained.

Retain Your Clients and Boost Sales With the Above Staff Motivation Tips

Since your salon employees are directly tied to your clients, they are bound to leave if your staff does. Motivating your employees will ensure your clients stay and your workers keep doing their best. The following tips will help you motivate your staff without breaking the bank.

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