4 Amazing Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Spa

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Spa Marketing Ideas

There’s something about holidays that make customers want to shop till they drop. Contrary to popular belief, they not only spend on items but also on experiences. This gives your spa a unique opportunity to increase sales by implementing the most effective holiday marketing ideas.

According to Google, over 30% of shoppers purchase from businesses that they’ve never interacted with before.1 By creating a holiday marketing strategy, you also set up your spa to acquire new clients. 

Spa Marketing Ideas: Top 4 Ways to Give Your Spa a Cutting Edge

Holiday shopping is exciting both for customers and retailers. This is why consumers tend to spend more. If you play your cards right, you could even end up increasing your customer retention rates and spa profitability

Based on a Deloitte study, customers are expected to spend an average of $1,463, which is $87 more than they did in 2020.2 You, however, need to note that competition is usually fierce during the holidays.

How do you give your spa a competitive edge? Here are 4 effective holiday marketing ideas. 

Match Your Brand Decor to the Holiday

Create a theme around the holiday, and then design all your brand assets to match. For instance, for Halloween, you could use spooky decor on your premises to make it more fun. If you provide beauty and cosmetic services, you could even offer Halloween makeup to your customers at a fee.

Don’t forget to redesign your website. This will attract online shoppers, who are also a significant part of your business. 

Create Holiday Bundles

Bundling up your products and services gives you an opportunity to upsell them. Even though customers spend more during the holidays, they’re also wary about it. This means that they’ll only spend on products or services if they get value for their money.

By combining your top products into attractive packages, you’ll be able to increase your average sales. If you reduce the prices for these products, you’ll also increase your overall sales and average order value.

Offer Your Loyal Customers Early Bird Specials

Everyone loves exclusivity. In fact, customers want to feel as though they are integral to your business and that you care. Holidays are a great way to show your appreciation. To enhance customer loyalty, you should give your regular customers special discounts using early access deals.

Run a Gift Card Promotion

The beauty of gift card promotions is that they allow you to capture last-minute shoppers. They also bring new faces to your spa and boost your seasonal sales. Some of the best gift card promotion ideas that you should consider include;

  • “Bonus” gift cards
  • Discounted gift cards.
  • “Buy one get one free” (BOGO) gift cards.

Use the Above Spa Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Salon!

If you’re having a hard time acquiring new customers or increasing your sales, holiday marketing may just be the best solution. Using the above holiday marketing ideas, you’ll be in a  better position to enhance holiday cheer and improve your bottom line. 

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