3 Tricks Businesses in the Wellness Space Can Use to Boost Credibility

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Studies show that around 90% of customers check a business’s online reviews before visiting their physical premises.1 There are many ways of building a business brand, but credibility is one of the most effective strategies. Customers need to know that they can trust your business before they can purchase your services. 

Building the credibility of your wellness spa business, however, takes time. It also requires meticulous planning and consistency, but it eventually pays off. 

Business Credibility Tips for a Wellness Spa Business

Customers won’t trust you just because you tell them to. Much like respect, your business has to earn it. The good news is that once your business builds solid credibility, customers begin feeling connected to it. They also start vouching for it, increasing the number of referrals.

The truth is, people don’t buy into your products or services. They buy into your reputation. Think of brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Despite being competitors, they both have dedicated and loyal customers who would stand by them no matter what. 

How can you build business credibility for your wellness spa?

Establish Your Brand Authority 

Show your thought leadership by consistently sharing your expertise with your customers. For instance, if you own a fat-burning machine, create content around it, including what it does and the benefits it offers. 

Use a content mix strategy to identify the kind of information that your customers relate with most. Most of the services in a wellness spa are better promoted using visuals, so don’t forget to use video content. According to Forrester Research, this type of content can help you rank faster on search engines by up to 50 times.

Other effective ways of establishing your brand authority include;

  • Hosting webinars and podcasts.
  • Attending local events and charities.
  • Having an active presence on social media platforms
  • Building a community around our services. 

Communication is Key

Consistent communication is the foundation of business credibility. Thus, you need to communicate your brand’s vision, mission, and insights confidently for your customers to trust you. Let them know what sets you apart from the competition and why they should be loyal to your wellness spa. 

Make sure that all your marketing and sales activities are guided by your brand identity. Irrespective of the channel or platform you use, the message should always be the same. 

Show Social Proof

Establishing business credibility is a collaborative effort. You need to involve your customers! Collect feedback from them and use this information to streamline your operations and improve your services. Make your customers feel heard. 

You should also ensure your customers can easily reach you at any time. Include your address, phone number, and social handles on your website, and make sure you respond to them within a few hours. 

Most importantly, ask your current customers for testimonials and post them on your digital assets. 

Boost Your Wellness Spa Business With the Above Tips

While the above strategies are highly effective, it’s important to note that establishing business credibility can take years. You can start a wellness spa in a day but building a solid brand requires consistency. Consequently, it’s all about establishing your brand authority, consistently communicating your values, and showing your customers social proof. 

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