2022 Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Spa

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Instagram marketing tips

Because you understand the value of appearances as a spa owner, marketing your business on Instagram, a visual medium, is worthwhile. Using the platform, you may connect with a large prospective audience. 

In reality, over 200 million individuals visit Instagram business pages daily, with 80% following a business profile1. Although Instagram has many users, getting the most out of it can be tricky. Here are Instagram marketing tips to scale your spa.

Reach a Wider Audience in 2022 With These Instagram Marketing Tips

The more people your spa can reach, the more conversions you are likely to gather leading to more revenue. The following marketing tips will help you reach and convert more leads on Instagram.

Post Flawless Photos

To convince people to visit your spa, they need to know they will leave looking and feeling their best. You can do so by posting high-quality photos showing immaculate outcomes from previous clients. Offering incentives such as discounts can help convince customers to take before and after photos.

For quality photos, consider hiring a professional photographer if your budget allows. Otherwise, investing in a  good quality camera and a tripod coupled with proper lighting can produce good photos for a start. Once snapped, edit the photos using the Instagram editor or invest in editing software.

Diversify Your Instagram Content

Switching the content you upload can contribute to a successful Instagram presence. Some clients may prefer to watch Reels, while others may prefer Stories, and yet others may simply want to skim through photographs. 

The bottom line is that there is no one single size fits all type of content since people have different personalities. Subsequently, a diverse Instagram feed caters to different people and engages your audience.

Use Hashtags

Instagram hashtags help your spa to be found by the target audience. Studies have shown that posts with about 11 hashtags get 79% more interactions2. Get started with hashtags by creating a branded hashtag for your spa. Once you have created the hashtag, use it in every post to tie it to your brand. 

Although hashtags are helpful, over-using them can lower their effectiveness. Besides, Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per limit. Therefore, only include relevant and popular hashtags for the best results.

Showcase Your Staff

The people in charge of running your spa play a great role making it necessary to appreciate them. Your stylists form connections with your spa clients and make them repeat clients. Therefore, showcasing your stylists is a good way to let potential customers know that your spa has the best team.

To promote a member of your spa’s staff, you may highlight their personality, why they contribute value to your spa, and the treatments they specialize in. Subsequently, you get to market your spa’s services without being pushy.

Get More Spa Clients in 2022 With the Above Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is a perfect platform for spa marketing. By posting great photos, diversifying your content, using hashtags, and showcasing your staff, you will get more returns on your Instagram marketing efforts.

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